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The transparent acrylic consoles are used in various rooms of the house:

- in the bedroom as a small desk or service table

- in the entrance hall under a mirror or as a serving table for a lamp or pocket emptier

- in the study or living room as a real transparent desk

In all these cases, transparency does not change the atmosphere and goes well with any style already in use in the home.

As with all our products, we offer a wide range of sizes for the console table and the possibility of an intermediate shelf.

In order to avoid possible oscillations or bending, typical of this bridge model, we have inserted a light and transparent structure on the back, made in such a way as to allow the passage of any cables or to comfortably extend the legs.

The consoles with additional intermediate shelves will be shipped with the shelf disassembled to avoid possible breakage during shipment. Assembly is very simple with the screws provided and holes already drilled.

It is possible to make acrylic consoles custom-made, but without exceeding the length and height of 100 cm.

Check HERE all the available standard sizes

Watch the video of the acrylic console without shelf

Watch the video of the acrylic console with intermediate shelf

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