What sets us apart from fellow designers is the ability to self-produce what we design

In the same way, what distinguishes us from fellow craftsmen is the possibility of designing what we produce

This translates into a huge range of items available, in many standard sizes and the possibility of making custom-made furnishings, accessories and objects in perspex

Our designs range from the small article as the gadget or promotional trophy up to the preparation of shops and shop windows, passing through furniture and furnishings of houses and offices, all strictly in acrylic

We draw on the computer and use laser machines for cutting, hot bending machines for folding, specific glues for acrylic to glue invisibly and cleanly

We accept any production request that does not exceed 100 cm, above this size we cannot ship and will offer you modular elements, when it’s possible

All quotes are free and are made only by email within one working day by writing to:


It is necessary to specify the size of the object, to give us the opportunity to process a price