Display Cases and Showcases

Custom acrylic display case and showcases for Lego and miniatures.

Acrylic display cases, showcases and protection boxes, designed for Lego, miniatures and any precious object to be protected from dust, a wide range of standard or custom sizes

Table top display case, the box arrives already assembled, you just have to choose the color of the base, if you do not have one, and store your object inside it

Wall display case, a model similar to the previous one, but designed to be fixed to the wall

Led display case, for the most important items, a transparent box on an elegant white base that lights up like a lamp, complete with a switch,  a display case that shows off the object it stores and at the same time decorates 

Economic display case to be assembled with screws, made with lower thickness, you get the panels and screws at home, you simply have to assemble them

Big size display case to assemble for those who enjoy building a custom-made display case, a complete kit with everything you need to assemble the case at home.