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Those who have bought our showcases already glued know that, except for the very small ones, we use acrylic 5 mm thick, but despite the quality and strength of our showcases, for some there is an econonomic problem, especially for the larger showcases the price goes up.

We identified ourselves in those who have already spent money for the model, object or Lego to protect and can not or does not feel like spending much more for the cover that has the function of protecting from dust or any shocks, the solution was to lower the thickness of the material, but the risk of breakage during shipment was too high, a large box of acrylic thickness 3 mm is too delicate, it is good only if mounted on site.

Hence the idea of shipping laser-cut acrylic panels, to be mounted with screws (supplied) and threaded holes already prepared to facilitate assembly.

You will receive a shrine kit consisting of 5 sheets of transparent Perspex and screws. If you wish, you can add a base that can be opened without screws.

ATTENTION! We are always talking about acrylic thickness 3 mm so it is necessary to follow the assembly instructions indicated in this VIDEO to avoid breaking the panels during the construction of your display case.

HERE you will find the dimensions of some standard perspex covers, if you do not find the size you are looking for send us a request with the measures you need

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