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When we talk about protection boxes for canvases, paintings, bas-reliefs or any other relief work, we have to make a distinction between transparent acrylic frames composed of a box without a bottom and those with a box with a bottom

The acrylic protection boxes without bottom are anchored directly to the canvas or to the frame of the painting, thanks to the holes already made on the 4 edges of the case, the holes are placed at 1 cm from the open edge, therefore the exact size of the work must be provided, to which we will add 1 mm of perimeter air to allow the easy insertion of the painting, which could have a slight out-of-square

Let's take an example: if you tell us that your work measures 70x50 cm, we will produce a protection box with internal dimensions of 70.2x50.2 cm

The inside depth is always 4 cm (outside 4.5 cm)

For this transparent frame, you do not need to specify whether you need it horizontal or vertical because it is anchored directly to the painting or canvas and you will hang the painting on the wall


If you can't or don't want to pierce the edges of your piece of art or if you simply like it to float inside the transparent acrylic box, you need a bottom for the protection box to which you can anchor your object, be it a canvas, a bas-relief, a painting or any work with a minimum thickness.


The bottom of the protection frame is always made of acrylic and can be transparent like the box, white or even glossy black, the choice is yours. It is screwed to the box thanks to 4 cubes placed at the 4 transparent corners (see photos), each cube measures 1x1 cm, therefore 2 cm of air are necessary all around the painting.

Let's take an example: if you tell us that your work measures 70x50 cm, we would produce a protection box with internal dimensions of 74x54 cm.

The internal depth is always 4 cm (external 5 cm because there is also the bottom)

cornici%20a%20giorno.jpg    cornici%20a%20giorno%20vite%20trasparente.jpg

But how will you attach your work to the bottom of the frame?

If the canvas or the painting is light, you can think of anchoring the work with double-sided adhesive tape (not supplied) without drilling it.

If, on the other hand, you think that the double-sided adhesive tape cannot support the weight of your work, we can provide two holes in the bottom of the frame so that you can screw it to the work.

In this case we advise you to contact us in order to study together the exact point where to make the holes, so that they do not damage the work, in any case the anchorage will be on the back and therefore will not be visible.

See HERE all available standard frames

For more clarity please contact our technical assistance:


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