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Today we are talking about acrylic display box for model building, many of you call them showcases , other boxes, but we all mean the classic transparent cover to protect your objects from dust, from possible bumps and let's say, very often even by curious children.

We have several proposals given the quantity of measures required, especially for the Lego collections

Acrylic display box already assembled, available for the smaller dimensions in plexiglass with a thickness of 3 mm

Acrylic display box already assembled, more resistant, to protect larger objects, in plexiglass with a thickness of 5 mm

Acrylic display box to be assembled with screws, made from plexiglass panels 3 mm thick, laser-cut, with joints and screws for quick and easy assembly thanks to pre-arranged and threaded holes.

All these models are available in many different sizes, adaptable to your models, up to a maximum size of 80x45x45 cm

For larger sizes we offer the possibility of buying DIY kits composed of plexiglass panels cut with a precision cutter (+/- 1 mm) so that the saw cut is clean, together with the plexiglass sheets, also we send a vial of liquid glue for bonding

We offer this model kit for maximum dimensions of 100x100x100 cm

Of all these proposals today I would like to talk about the the acrylic showcase already glued by us

First of all they are available up to a maximum size of 80x45x45 cm for technical cutting issues and for the problems that arise when sending a large display case

I want to clarify that all our shipments are insured against breakage, so if something gets broken, it is promptly replaced

The acrylic showcase are available without base, or with transparent, black or white base

In order for the lid to be able to stop on its base, we have provided it with 4 retaining squares placed at the 4 corners, so everything remains clean

Below is a video of how our finished showcases are

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