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All of our articles are created in acrylic and them can be custom-made


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Acrylic coat rack

Modern coat rack and wall hooks made in transparent or colored acrylic.

Perfect for all kind of rooms, from the office to the kids room or for the bathroom.

Acrylic wall protection

Transparent or colored acrylic wall protectors

Maximum length cm 100, different heights

Accessories for the assemblage provided

You can personalize with names or business logo or you can ask for tailor-made wall protectors

Offers for quantity

Transparent Handbags

Acrylic&Design&Fashion:  Acrylic transparent  Handbags. To make your outfit unique and original.


All our Acrylic accessories in a category:

Accessories for the table, office, and bathroom, lamps, mirrors, frames, vases, clocks, hooks, trays and more

Cheap bedside table

Cheap acrylic bedside tables with or without shelf, small and space-saving for minimal bedrooms.

For tailor-made products send us an application.

These bedside tables are made in transparent acrylic, thickness mm 5, for other thickness take a look here

Bedside table

Acrylic bedside tables with or without shelf, available in many standard dimensions.

For tailor-made products send us an application.

Good for every kind of decor, thanks to its total transparency.

Bright bedside table

Acrylic bright bedside table

Acrylic wall console desk

Space-saving console table designed for Apple’s imac 21 and imac 27, or for any PC

Acrylic transparent or white

With removable keyboard and mouse door

A comfortable, elegant hanging desk adaptable to every style of house.

Acrylic tables and...

Acrylic transparent console table, also tailor-made. Elegant and functional desk,  a great idea to all kind of spaces.

Acrylic wall console

acrylic wall console

Photo and prints Frames




Acrylic wall cube shelves

A modern and elegant acrylic wall cube shelves 

Acrylic cubic display box

Acrylic cubic display box with or without wheels

5 faces with two option add a top cover or a front door like exhibitor

You can also ask it in acrylic colored.

Acrylic cubic showcase...

Acrylic transparent cubic showcase opening front, Box with opening door.

Air conditioner deflector

Acrylic transparent or white deflectors for air conditioners, hot or cold air.

- wall split deflectors

- rooftop deflectors and aeration screens

- deflectors designed tailor-made

Children bedside table...

Acrylic colored table lamps and bedside table for children’s room

Many nice and colorful characters for original abat-jours

Acrylic table lamps

Acrylic table lamp

Shelf for bathroom and...

Acrylic Transparent shelves for the bathroom and the kitchen, for small objects.

Mounted without brackets, stop and screws are included.

View our catalog or request a tailor-made shelf

Transparent shelf for...

High thickness acrylic transparent shelves for books and heavy objects, without brackets and shelf bracket

Possibility to create customized shelves

Acrylic C shelf

Acrylic Transparent Shelves two in one, model C, also useful as hanging bedside tables for small bedrooms

You can request tailor-made shelves

Acrylic shelf pocket...

Magneto, the pocket emptier

Shelves for picture...

Acrylic transparent shelves designed to display photos, postcards, books and catalogues

Bright shelves

Acrylic bright shelf

Shelves and Tray

Mensola in plexiglass trasparente bordo molato lucido

Queste mensole si possono montare su qualsiasi tipo di staffa o reggimensola commerciale (non in dotazione)

Ripiano porta oggetti di lunghezza e profondità variabile o su misura a richiesta del cliente

Rolling TV stands on...

Acrilyc clear tv stand high thickness to avoid bending, suitable for LCD and PLASMA tv, available with one or two shelves

Furniture with scratch - resistant rubber wheels 

Insured against breakage

Possibility of custom-made plex trolleys

Space saving furniture

Transparent or glossy white acrylic space-saving furniture, with or without wheels

On request, we can make custom-made furniture and cart

Free Returns

Acrylic chairs and stools

Transparent or coloured chairs and stools, made in acrylic, ideal for any environment.

Acrylic chairs and stools can also be used for outdoor environments because they do not fear the sun and rain

The stools are also used for shower interiors

Monitor and tv stands

A modern and minimal acrylic stand for Monitor and TV.

Accessories for TV and PC

Acrylic accessories for TV,Plasma and PC. Pc stand, accessories for TV, with modern and unique clear acrylic design.

clear acrylic coffe table

Acrylic coffee table for living room lucyte clear side table

Lucyte clear cocktail table high thickness to avoid possible bending and oscillations

Plexiglass table perfect for any style of furniture

Shipping ensured

Custom-made acrylic table

Lift top table with tray

Acrylic lift top table with tray

Magazine rack with wheels

Unique and modern clear acrylic side table with magazine rack.

White coffee stands

Acrylic white coffee stands

Visual communication

Visual communication, plates, trophies, lecterns, urns and containers, exhibitors of all kinds, display cases and set-up shops and any other product also made to measure and customized, necessary for your company

All exclusively in acrylic material.

Exhibitors and shop...

Our ideas for setting up your shop.