Transparent Acrylic Display Showcase 30x30h25

Acrylic Display Showcase - thickness mm 3

Showcase composed by 5 transparent panels ready to assemble with screws provided

Optional base selecting: Add Base

Inside dimensions of the showcase cm 30x30 height 25 cm

Esteemed 10 working days for production
Free Returns

46,00 €

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Our showcases are projected to allow the shipment in any part of the world

The assemblage is simple thanks to the tongued among the acrylic panels that compose the sides of the transparent showcase, at the end you just need to tighten the metallic screws provided.

All the acrylic plates used are of high quality and high transparency, guaranteed against the yellowing and protected by a film to avoid that can be scratched during the delivery or the assemblage.

The base of every showcase is without screws and it can be open in any moment

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Da il  08 July 2019 (Transparent Acrylic Display Showcase 30x30h25) :

Ho trovato quello che stavo ce...

Ho trovato quello che stavo cercando da lungo tempo.Tempi di consegna perfettamente rispettati. Nessun inconveniente. Massima professionalità. Imballaggio ottimale, Prodotto eccellente. Facilissimo il montaggio. Risultato meraviglioso.

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