Visual communication, plates, trophies, lecterns, urns and containers, exhibitors of all kinds, display cases and set-up shops and any other product also made to measure and customized, necessary for your company

All exclusively in acrylic material.

Visual communication 

There are no products in this category.


Setting up shop and...

Custom set-up of shop windows and shops

Shelves, lifts, platforms, display units, price boxes and everything you need to furnish shops and set up shop windows

All made en acrylic tailor-made  

Transparent Display Urn

Display,box, urns and showcasesi made in Acrylic Transparent, customization with logo or brand and made to measure

Acrylic folder...

Acrylic folder clipboard for A4 paper sheets.

Make up display

Cosmetics or make-up acrylic display

Counter, floor or wall displays, made to measure


Corporate Gadgets and Personalized Christmas Gadgets.


Acrylic transparent lectern, floor or table models

Ask for a lectern tailor made



Custom-made acrylic plaques 

Laser-cut, printed and engraved

Acrylic Brochure Holder

Acrylic Brochure Holder

Stand Trifold Holder Desk or Wall Mount