Plexiglass sheets, plex glue and everything you need for DIY and plex machining.

This part is dedicated to all those who love model building, you will also find ready-made or built-up acrylic display box.


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Acrylic Showcases...

Transparent Acrylic showcases,boxes and display cases already assembled

Lids designed to protect modeling objects and Lego collections

This model of acrylic cases are fixed with glue, they are all made of plexiglass and the possibility to add the base in black or white colour

Acrylic Showcases...

Displays, boxes, urns, showcase ready to assemble with screws.

Transparent acrylic display showcase composed by 5 transparent panels ready to assemble with screws provided.

The base of every showcase is without screws and it can be open at any moment

Kit showcase - Acrylic...

Custom acrylic panels cut with a precision laser, the edge is opaque but clean and can be sanded or polished

A liquid solvent adhesive for acrylic is included with the panels

You can request custom panels.

Liquid Glue for Acrylic

Liquid Glue for Acrylic. Solvent adhesive fast-setting, easy-to-use.

Cleaning and...

Kit do it yourself for the cleaning and maintenance of your products in acrylic, for any type of acrylic.

Detergents and special anti-static cloths, ideal for the cleaning of acrylic objects

Kit polish Acrylic

Kit of polish for the Acrylic, to remove scratches from the top or to polish the edges

Accessories made in...

Small accessories in acrylic or acrylic resin, useful for your workmanships or DIY

Screws, bars, semisphere, pipes, zippers, and transparent knobs

Acrylic Hardware for DIY

Acrylic Hardware for DIY

Transparent wheels, screws head covers caps for plates and frames, transparent electric cables.

Products for Packing

Boxes double resistant for packing, shipments and moving

Extensible film, pluriballs in rolls, cover angles of polystyrene, polystyrene rags

Acrylic sheet...

Clear acrylic sheets, Perspex, Lucite and Plexiglass with different sizes, thickness and colours

Clear, transparent colours, translucent colours, solid colours, opal, mirror, light diffuser

Cut to size free of charge